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It’s All In The Bag

It isn’t unusual for a seamstress or quilter to have multiple projects going at the same time. Sometimes you get bored with the monotony of one project and you need stimulus from another to keep your hands moving. It actually DOES help with keeping motivation for the time consuming projects. I currently have 5 quiltsContinue reading “It’s All In The Bag”

Christmas Advent Wall

Since my kids were small they needed, a way to visually tell how much longer until Christmas. We tried the paper chains and Xs on the kitchen calendar. All lost interest and got forgotten about. Did we remove 1 chain yesterday? Should we do 2 today? I wasn’t any help in remembering to maintain theseContinue reading “Christmas Advent Wall”

Necktie to Necklace

When my parents came to visit, they brought a pink wicker basket filled with ties. I was able to use 2 of the ties for Hubs and Son for an upcoming wedding. I had to alter Son’s tie since it just didn’t fit his frame. But the rest…well, I just don’t think Hubs and SonContinue reading “Necktie to Necklace”

Meet Green Gertie

I *made* a new friend during the 2020 pandemic! OK, ACTUALLY, Hubs bought her for me….but I picked her out! For YEARS I’ve been talking about getting a dress form. They were always so expensive. $300 expensive! If I’m going to spend $300 it’s going to be on a new vacuum or a long armContinue reading “Meet Green Gertie”

Minecraft: Grass Block Box

2020 has been a weird year. With Halloween around the corner, I didn’t know what we were going to do. I didn’t know if I should even bother with costumes this year. With encouragement from my kids, we went ahead as if things were fine. But we knew we probably weren’t going to do trickContinue reading “Minecraft: Grass Block Box”

Ender(wo)man Costume

Before I get too far in this post, let me be upfront and say, everything I know about Minecraft can be written on the edge of a penny. That is to say, I know VERY LITTLE about the game. I tried playing with my son, but couldn’t get the hang of the controls. I keptContinue reading “Ender(wo)man Costume”

Snow Golem Costume

Son wants to be a snow golem from Minecraft, for Halloween 2020. Yeah, right? What is a snow golem? Since there is a pandemic on, trick or treating might be is out of the options. I knew this going into making his costume. When I asked myself, mid-creation, “Why am I doing all of thisContinue reading “Snow Golem Costume”

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