It’s All In The Bag

It isn’t unusual for a seamstress or quilter to have multiple projects going at the same time. Sometimes you get bored with the monotony of one project and you need stimulus from another to keep your hands moving. It actually DOES help with keeping motivation for the time consuming projects. I currently have 5 quilts I’m working on! That’s not bragging. Each quilt is in a different phase, and they all are serving their purpose for me. (See descriptions below)

Beside me through it all is my favorite little sewing bag! My friend “K” made it a couple years ago for me for Christmas. I get compliments on it all of the time. I LOVE her fabric choices!

This little bag is my powerhouse of a work horse! Recently, I realized that I have 2 quilts in here!!!

I have supplies for “Hex on the Beach” and “untitled” in this bag. Every time I need to switch threads, I have to rummage through all of the large spools. It was so frustrating. I finally realized that I could make it easier on myself!

I’m always looking for the easy way. Ways to make something faster and easier!

I reorg’d the inside!

“Hex on the Beach” requires piecing together with various colors of thread. One color does not work for all on this quilt. I really don’t need the bulk of all of those spools. Bobbins are a perfect size!

“Untitled” is getting and quilted with standard white quilting thread. That will remain on the large spool because I go through that quickly.

Wondering what quilts and skills are going on in the background?

I’m currently working on honing my hand quilting skills. All for the purpose of restoring my family’s heirloom quilt:

It needs to be mended. Obviously! But to do so, it has to be all done by hand. The fabric is pretty fragile and I don’t think I can even hoop quilt it. Running it through my sewing machine would do more harm than good.

So, I have various quilts that I’m using to hone all of the different skills I will need to work on this baby!

“Hex on the Beach” is 100% by hand. No sewing machines. I will probably hoop it when quilting.

“Hex on the Beach”

“Steps to Recovery” is mostly all on the sewing machine. What I have used from with quilt was a different basting technique. FYI, I wasn’t thrilled with it. The backing still shifted when I machine quilted. I also used a walking foot for the first time. I’m still working on the walking foot for quilting.

Hand basting with a herringbone stitch from being rolled off of 2×4 lumber. I watched this YouTube tutorial.

“Steps to Recovery”

“Stained Glass Window” practice in making sure my blocks were square. Possibly try a different basting technique and quilting technique too???

“Stained Glass Window”

“Crumby Pinwheels” has helped in just using up all of my small pieces of scrap fabric. I might try different basting and quilting techniques too.

“Crumby Pinwheels”

“Untitled” The newest quilt doesn’t have a title yet. I was wanting to begin practicing hand quilting. With this quilt, I’m noticing that my straight lines don’t really have straight stitches. Weird. But I’m glad I’m seeing this now, rather than on my heirloom quilt. I should have plenty of time to practice on this quilt.

I tried spray basting for the first time with this quilt. I really like it! But I doubt I’ll be able to do this technique with the heirloom quilt.

*Cheers my Dears*

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