Floral Romper to a High-Low Shirt

I wanted to challenge my creative side. When I was in the thrift store looking for an animal print something to refashion, I also found my daughter’s Halloween costume to alter, and this purpley floral romper. It was a GREAT haul from St. Vincent de Paul! Actually, it was United Cerebral Palsy Thrift Store. But ‘haul’ and ‘store’ don’t rhyme.

How about “check out my score from the thrift store“? Yeah! That’s better!

Moving on! But first! Strike a pose!

I saw this romper as I was approaching the check-out line. It’s a medium. I’m typically a large. Because I’m in charge! Not really. I’m SLIGHTLY taller than the average woman.

I googled it! The average American woman is 5 foot 4 inches. I’m taller than that.

I knew it wouldn’t fit super comfortably. It was a bit of a struggle to get it on. But once it was on, it wasn’t too bad.

Maybe I should do a $5 or $10 limit for my creative stretching refashions. Thoughts?

This baby has pockets, so those are staying!

Gather supplies!

Mark where you want the front of the shirt to end.

Cut out the crotch & leg seams.

Let Gertie model it.

Then realized you should have put it on her inside out so you can properly mark what to trim and where to sew.


Mark. Pin. Sew. Cut.

lay it down on the floor to mark the high-low hem. Put it back on Gertie to make sure it will still look OK. Cut.

Hem the high-low edges.

To prevent fraying, I repeated the hemming process again. This hides all of the raw edges and gives it a professionally finished look.

I tried it on to see how it fit. It just wasn’t flow-y enough for me.

I opened waist seam on the lower back about 3 inches and cut a long wedge from the scrap fabric and stitched it into place.

The front also still felt a bit confining, so I did something similar with the front. Although, I think I might have used too wide of a piece for the front. It kinda looks like I’m pregnant and trying to unsuccessfully hide it.

There we have it! a new summer shirt!

I’m really enjoying the refashion idea. It stretches my creative muscles and is giving me a uniquely me wardrobe!

*Cheers my Dears!*

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