Christmas Advent Wall

Since my kids were small they needed, a way to visually tell how much longer until Christmas. We tried the paper chains and Xs on the kitchen calendar. All lost interest and got forgotten about. Did we remove 1 chain yesterday? Should we do 2 today? I wasn’t any help in remembering to maintain these things. I had to have a special alarm on my phone to remind me to move check on Rosie Kanon (Our Elf on a Shelf) Kanon pronounced: kuh-known… she was a friend in Japan, her name was spelled Canon, but my kids insisted I was wrong.

If you are like me, forgetful, then maybe an advent wall is the way to go. Admittedly, it is a bit more work, but once it is set up, it takes care of itself. It even helps the kids get up in the morning because they look forward to opening a new bag.

This closet door stays up all year long and we decorate it according to the current holidays. It has 5 rows of twine with clothes pins. It is a great place to put current artwork from the kids, cards, and pictures of family and friends.

It looks bare. I just removed November’s decorations.
Fresh canvas!

Here’s how I set it up:


1 bi-fold closet door
25 +2 wooden clothespins
25 brown lunch bags
1 gift bag to hold empty lunch bags
1 strand of Christmas lights
1 easy button extension cord
red glitter glue
various art supplies

A few years ago the kids helped me decorate the bags. We also painted one side of the clothes pins with red glitter glue. Red goes with so many holidays and our room decor. We just flip to the plain side when we don’t want so much red.

Here are a few of our decorated bags

Recently, one of my laundry clip racks broke. I’ve been using the functioning slips with plastic hangers around the house for various things. I have 2 extra, so I’m going to use those to hang the storage bag this year.

I typically use white lights and leave those up year round. Recently they went kaput. My strand this year is twice as long as I need so I just folded it in half and doubled up on the lights. The outlet for the lights is inconveniently positioned behind the sofa, now behind the bi-fold door. I LOVE the extension cords with foot button. Just clip the button where you can easily reach it with your hand or leave it down on the floor for your foot.

This just makes it so much easier to light and unlight (is that a word?). I LOVE timers as well, but for this, I prefer the button.

Now I’m ready to fill the bags! I prefer to do consumable items. I also have one of my kids open up the even numbers a and the other gets the odd numbers. This cuts down on the fights.

Christmas Vacation GIF

As bags are removed, we use the empty spaces for Christmas cards from friends and family.

The bags are filled!

But I’m thinking I need to reverse the order of the bags so that the bag matches the calendar day. For example, open bag #1 on Dec. 1st, bag #2 on Dec. 2nd, and so forth…

Now there is zero thinking, “did we already open one today?”

I don’t do big or expensive items in the bags, but this time, I saw something on a recent road trip that I wanted displayed with the Christmas decorations. The first bag was this:

Traditional holiday decoration combined with a lesson in thermal dynamics! What’s not to love?

Now I, too, can be frustrated whenever I try to move it off of the dining table to prepare for school work!

I wouldn't be more surprised if I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn tot he  carpet! - GIF on Imgur

*Cheers my Dears!*

Someone was asking what I put in the bags. I didn’t want to reveal what is currently in them because my kids will come to this website and find out.

Christmas Bonus:

Here is a variation from one of my friends

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