Meet Green Gertie

I *made* a new friend during the 2020 pandemic!

OK, ACTUALLY, Hubs bought her for me….but I picked her out!

For YEARS I’ve been talking about getting a dress form. They were always so expensive. $300 expensive! If I’m going to spend $300 it’s going to be on a new vacuum or a long arm sewing mshehine. How much is a long arm, by the way? *gasp* not kidding: they are about $1,000 new. Seriously, I just looked it up.

Then I saw Sew You by Dritz for $99 on Amazon.

This was a birthday present. Hubs told me to find the one I wanted and let him know. 2 days later, it was on our door step!

Once she was put together, which was super simple, it was time to make more jokes!

She is here to lend me a hand with my sewing needs.

Not the most flattering pictures of me, but I refuse to put on airs and get all made up with hair and make up…and apparently less frumpy clothing. When I’m working on something, I don’t like to stop midway just to be someone I’m not. This is me!

Next it was time for the adjustments. Gertie, not me… I’m perfect… perfectly quirky.

Gertie’s a hard worker. Some might say she’s a working stiff.

I’m not worried about joking around with Gertie, she’s been disarmed! Plus, she can take a few good jabs!

I look forward to many happy years with Gertie. I know she’s got my back!

*Cheers my Dears!*

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