Minecraft: Grass Block Box

2020 has been a weird year. With Halloween around the corner, I didn’t know what we were going to do. I didn’t know if I should even bother with costumes this year. With encouragement from my kids, we went ahead as if things were fine. But we knew we probably weren’t going to do trick or treating. If anything, we’d walk around the neighborhood a wave to our friends.

Daughter was part of a group costume with her friends. She was Lilo. Son and I were from Minecraft. He was a Snow Golem, and I was Enderman.

I typically create our trick or treat bags to go along with the theme of whatever costumes we have. This year, I figured a grass block would be perfect.

I purchased 2 storage boxes from the dollar store, found my felt stash and hot glue gun.

I chose this kind because it was the only brown box available at my store:

(not my photo)

I then measured my boxes and determined what size the squares would need to be to have 6 across and 5 down. I then cut a mess of squares from 3 different shades of green and 2 shades of brown, letting the 3rd brown be from the box.

I used a rotary cutter, mat, and clear quilters ruler to cut the squares. The darker green is from excess leaves from Daughter’s Lilo costume.

This was a super fast and easy creation! It added the final touch to both costumes.

We hope you had a safe and fun 2020 Halloween!

*Cheers my Fears!*

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