Ender(wo)man Costume

Before I get too far in this post, let me be upfront and say, everything I know about Minecraft can be written on the edge of a penny. That is to say, I know VERY LITTLE about the game. I tried playing with my son, but couldn’t get the hang of the controls. I kept destroying things and my son was getting frustrated. Sorry Son. Thank you for your patience!

I had no idea what a Snow Golem was until my son said he wanted to be one for Halloween. But, after I made his costume, I had extra supplies left over. So, I did a quick search of other Minecraft characters and decided I’d make myself an Enderman costume.

extra foam core board

Here is what Enderman looks like:

I’m told he has a killer death stare. If you look at his eyes, he attacks you. PERFECT! Sounds like me before coffee. Enderman is my spirit animal.

I made the head shape and cut the eyes with an additional slot for my own eyes to look out. Because it sat on my shoulders, I added a shelf inside with some scrap elastic for a chin strap.

I wanted the eyes to show up, but I didn’t want my eyes to show. So I added a layer of sheer black material from my material stash.

Enderman emits purple-like particles. I used a combination of purple shimmery chenille sticks (pipe cleaners) and spray centerpiece or balloon weights all from my local dollar store:

I cut and arranged the emissions in various places on a black dress and black blazer.

I wanted to have glowing eyes like the real Enderman. But I was also wearing this during the day time, so I taped some chenille sticks in the eye holes (I added the glow sticks for the evening). Black socks for hands.

Kitten heel black shoes (no shoes inside the house!)

To see how I made the grass block box as our trick or treat bags, click here. No. I didn’t get candy for myself.

tick or treating

What you can’t see is underneath both of our box heads, we are wearing face masks. We visited our neighbors and just walked around a few blocks. I was pleasantly surprised with how many houses did social distancing trick or treating. Some hand candy chutes and others had a table set up at the end of their driveway. We didn’t collect nearly as much as usual, but it was more than enough!

*Cheers my Fears!*

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