Snow Golem Costume

Son wants to be a snow golem from Minecraft, for Halloween 2020.

Yeah, right? What is a snow golem?

Is it Halloween? Is it Christmas?

Since there is a pandemic on, trick or treating might be is out of the options. I knew this going into making his costume. When I asked myself, mid-creation, “Why am I doing all of this work?”, Hubs responded, “because you are going through the motions.” I thought that was pretty accurate.

So, yes. We might not be going trick or treating, but I have been clinging to anything “normal” that we can get our hands on. We might just end up walking around the neighborhood, scoping out decorations, and eating candy we bought at the store.

Back to the costume! Son wants to be a snow golem, but he didn’t want it made from boxes. ??? How??? I know boxes aren’t comfortable, but this is Minecraft. EVERYTHING is made from cubes…BOXES!

WARNING: I spent far too much time and energy on this one time use costume. I think it took me 5 full days. To be fair, I got my costume done between coats of paint for this costume.

I began hunting for boxes that either might be the right size or I can cut down.

Fundamental Mine Craft building blocks

upon seeing my stash of boxes, I was promptly reminded that “I don’t want boxes.” *Sigh* Not a problem really. The only boxes I could find were kinda’ damaged anyway.

I think I found a loophole, though. Typically, that isn’t my parenting style… to find the loopholes in my kids’ requests.

I trekked over to the dollar store and picked up some foam core board for the structure and white poster board. I will construct my own box shapes.

Supplies I used:

razor, super old cutting mat, quilting ruler, pen, pencil, scrap paper for math, regular ruler, tape measure, tape, glue gun, LOTS of glue sticks. *not pictured: a ridiculous amount of paint and patience*

Pro-tip: I keep my glue gun in an old bread loaf tin. This tin was old and rusted and I didn’t like the idea of still using it for baking. I keep my glue sticks in an old glass PB jar. This bread pan keeps all of the glue webs more contained. It keeps my counters safe from the heat and inevitable glue droplet. There is a thin layer of glue in the bottom of the pan. I can pop it into the oven, melt it all down and either repurpose the glue or toss it once it hardens as one mass.

I started by having Son try on a box… just for sizing.

This seemed to be a good size for his middle section. I cut the foam core board to these dimensions and glued them in place.

After the basic shape for the head was finished, I had him try it on. It fit great. Not too big, not too small. I then set to work creating the face.

I found a template of the snow golem face online that I used as a reference.

Head finished, it was time to move on to the rest of the body. I did some math and figured out the dimensions of the remaining boxes body parts.

The middle section was surprisingly, the most difficult part to get right. The dimensions were OK, but the armholes weren’t comfortable.

and now the bottom.

It is tricky getting in and out of this costume. A couple of things I would do different next time: make the head detachable & swivel-able, and make it so he can sit.

Son, please don’t run and more than anything, don’t fall.

Time to start painting!

I had a couple of cans of white spray paint in the garage. I can’t recommend this spray can holder/trigger enough!

Good thing the grid marks were still visible after it was sprayed!

I referred to the face template for the coloring as well:

Finished painting the sides and the top of the head. Then added buttons.

To get the squares/pixels, I used my quilters ruler and and envelope opener to press the lines rather than pencil marks. The quilters ruler was nice because it was large enough to to do the bottom box AND I could see through to my previous marks.

I could have stopped here, but I wanted it to really reflect the actual character…pixelated!

Painting the pixels:

I think it turned out rather well!

I had extra materials so I made myself an Enderman costume.

Of course I had to make the Minecraft grass blocks (for the candy we won’t be trick-or-treating for).

He wasn’t able to work in it, so it lurked over his shoulder during his class meeting.

With the final touch of his grass block and a long sleeve shirt for twig arms, Son’s costume was complete. I’ll encourage him to wear long pants.

For now, we just got back from his school’s drive thru parade. He couldn’t sit in it, so he chose to hold it out the window…

Do you see Lilo?


(Just kidding. He’s sitting with his belt on.)

Happy Halloween! Stay Safe!

*Cheers my fears!*

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