Scrump “Stitched”

Lilo & Scrump
Halloween 2020

When I finished altering Daughter’s Halloween costume for this year, I decided she needed a Scrump.

I began by googling ‘how to make Scrump’.

I found a tutorial with a link to the pattern.

I had some left over material from when I made these harem pants for my Princess Jasmine costume.

I got the Scrump pattern all printed and was about to start cutting the fabric when Daughter asked if I could take her over to the dollar store.

While there, I saw some gloves that were the exact Scrump color I needed. Well, closer than turquoise. Besides, this fuzzy material is more forgiving with hand stitching!

Strangely, they still look the same color as my pants.

I set to work.

After I found all of my needed supplies, I began cutting and sewing the pieces together.

I’m going to skip over some of the boring stuff. You can watch the tutorial for the actual blow by blow.

Starting with the head… minus the bug eggs in her ears.

Construct the body and arms. Stuff. Attach to head.

I actually didn’t have stuffing. But I did have quilt batting. I just cut it into smaller pieces.

I used pink felt from my felt stash.

She turned out pretty good!

Daughter’s friend, M, let me use her Scrump doll as a reference too.

Her Scrump next to my small scale Scrump

Daughter didn’t know what I had been working on. When I tossed it to her, she was so thrilled.

M & Daughter

Anyone want 3 gloves?

*Cheers my Dears!*

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