Lilo “Stitched”

What I thrifted. Not bad!

After months of deliberation, my daughter and her friends decided they wanted to do a Lilo & Stitch theme for their group costume this year. All of their ideas were great, but, with the pandemic, I just do know that trick-or-treating is going to be possible for 2020. I asked them to come up with something that was easy to do, something that would “make sense” as stand alone costumes if groups were a no-no, and something affordable. I typically DIY my family’s costumes, but I don’t rule out prefab.

Three girls, three costumes to compose. Friends M & E already had theirs. So, it was just down to Daughter’s.

Either way, I think I got an easy costume to DIY. I believe her friends bought theirs, but I didn’t think it would take long to create hers from scratch.

Do you remember when I went to the thrift store for an animal print something to refashion? While there, I looked for things I could use for Lilo. I was thinking, a red shirt and a large green something…blanket, dress, skirt… for her ti leaves skirt.

I found a red shirt that is more Little Brother’s size than hers. But I’m sure I can make it work!

I was looking through the freshly racked Halloween costumes when I saw a hanger holding felt leaves! PERFECT!!!

A little funky, but it is a good start!

After discounts, I paid around $8.

One of the wrist bands was missing, but I have a stash of felt.

Once home, I had her try everything on while I looked through my box of felt.

I came across a YouTube video for an easy no-sew Lilo costume. This costume was constructed the same way, but it is a bit ill-fitting on Daughter:

I decided that I didn’t have enough felt from my stash to create more leaves for the skirt, wrist, and head bands. Maybe only the bands. I was going to need to get crafty…or make a run to the fabric store. But we all know me! I’m about to get all crafty.

SPOILER ALERT: I didn’t actually need my felt stash.

I already know that there is going to be sewing involved, so I gathered my supplies:

I started by untying the leaves and the elastic bands they were tied to. I could have cut them all off, but I wanted to save as much felt as possible to use as filler leaves if need be.

12 sets of leaves from the skirt. Can you see how different in size they were? I pulled out the one super small set to be added to the headband and/or limb bands later.

I trimmed the leaves to give them a more fresh look.

I figured giving the leaves a broad casing for the elastic would fix the sparse look at the waistline.

Stacked and ready for a 1/2 inch casing.

*sigh* Something else to fix.

Since she was at school doing virtual learning, I had to guess-timate her waist size. I took an educated guess by using a pair of her short, measured, and tied a knot at about where I thought it would be comfortable. After class, she tried it on.

She said that she didn’t like how many were touching her legs. I didn’t like the look either. I removed some leaves and trimmed the remaining to be closer to the same length.

I left them all connected because I was lazy, and it didn’t really matter.

She tried it on again and it was perfect! I trimmed off the excess elastic and her ti leaf skirt was finished.

I cut smaller attached leaves for the rest of the bands from the removed fronds.

I attached and divvied them so all bands had the appropriate amount. This gave them all a fuller look.

I ultimately decided not to alter the shirt at all, because, modesty. Also, it fits as is. Also also, it tends to get a little chilly on Halloween night.

Wearables finished, it seemed incomplete. She needs Scrump!

Check out how I made Scrump here.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

Angel & Scrump and Lilo & Scrump

*Cheers my Dears!*

*Mahalo my cuz!*

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