Mandala Afghan

Being an avid crafter, I am often swimming in various materials. I’ve been on a mission to use a lot of what I have to create something functional. So, when I looked into my crap craft closet, I realized I had an abundance of yarn. It wasn’t just in my closet, it was also in a comforter storage bag, and I believe I found another box of yarn in the garage.

I pooled all of my fun colors and decided I’d make a round blanket. I wanted to showcase all of the crochet stitches I have learned over the years.

Mama taught my brother and I how to chain crochet many years ago. I remember we would have a race to see who could reach from one side of the house to the other.

user uploaded image
Pretty much what my projects looked like when I was a kid

Needless to say, I’ve beefed up my crochet skills since then.

As I was making this afghan, I didn’t know what it would look like in the end, I didn’t know what color I would use next, and I didn’t know what I was going to do with it when I was finished. But I did know that I wanted it to look like mandala.

So, I just picked up a ball of yard and started working it. I tried to stick with one skein per round. But, occasionally, I ran out and needed to start a new color before the round was finished. This was fine because I wanted a lot of color and a lot of texture.

I was doing really well in the beginning, until I got to the longer rounds. I pulled out a couple of rws because I had over estimated how much yarnage I had for that round. I switched my stitch to a half-double crochet instead of a triple. Or maybe scaled it all of the way back to a single. Sometimes just a decorative chain strategically anchored here and there.

While I worked on the afghan, I kept thinking of my friend. When that happens, I know that is who the proper owner should be. So I kept working rounds changing colors and practicing stitches.

I even had a helper at one point!


Getting it to lay flat was a challenge too. I didn’t mind it ruffling up a little, but sometimes those ruffles can get out of control. Again, I’d pull out round after round, row after row, in an attempt to get it to lay down again.

Once it was a decent lap size, or a curl-up-on-the-sofa size, I decided to stop.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I think my friend was happy too!

I guess it was a pretty perfect gift for her. A couple of years later, she painted some beautiful mandala rocks to hide around our neighborhood for neighbors to find and re-hide during the pandemic.

Actually, 2 of the rocks above are ones I painted. I think the other 2 are hers… but I could be wrong.

I believe she was the first to start painting mandalas on rocks in our neighborhood!

I’m happy to report, my yarn stash is much more manageable now!

…and I still have some fun yarns to work with!

*Cheers my Dears!*

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