Pink Plaidy

Upon first glance, this blouse doesn’t look terrible. The fit doesn’t look too bad.

But here’s the truth:

Akk!!! Peek-a-boob. No thank you!

It soitenly is!

I bought this blouse fresh out of the credential program on a shoestring budget! I think I got it at a store called “Everything $5” sooo…yeah…I shouldn’t be surprised that the label probably wasn’t accurate (no dressing rooms, so I took a chance). Back then, it fit, but just barely. That was B.C (before children)!

I haven’t worn this shirt in YEARS! I am getting better about getting rid of clothes I don’t wear, but this one….I love the ruffles and the neck shape. I never had the heart to give it away.

I’m on a mission to refashion my clothes so I wear them again.

This shirt wasn’t too bad, only slightly tight. But I had an idea to remove the back and replace it with a more stretchy material. Unfortunately, I only had a small section of stretchy fabric. An old tank-top that lost its shape, and had a hole in the strap.

It was 10 inches too short!

I dug through my stash and found this vintage lace baby dress. I bought it with the intention of fixing it and having my second wear it. Then I found out I was having a boy.

Oh well. It got put in my “to-do” pile, never to be done.


Let’s get down to this!

I used my seam ripper to remove the back panel from the sided and I left part of the top so the collar would stay in position.

I prepped the lace:

I used the back panel as a template for the pink fabric.

No matter how professional you think you are, never be afraid to consult the owners manual The Book of Armaments!

Trial run!


Sew the lace to the pink then edgestitch to keep the hem in place.


Sometimes fabrics want to slip and move AFTER the pins have been removed.

Pro-tip: Use a removed pin to poke and hold it in place.

Sew the new back panel into place.


I love it! It’s SO comfortable, light-weight, breezy, and easy to wear!

It’s a little puckery where the lace is attached. I might fix this later, but for now, I’m pretty happy!

*Cheers my Dears!*

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