Zombie Bride

*Pay no attention to the scenery behind the subject*

My daughter wanted to be a Zombie Bride one year for Halloween. I figured I’d take her to the thrift store and find a white dress that we could morph into something that looks like a zombie bride.

What AMAZING luck! Not only did we find a super cheap wedding dress ($10), but it fit her….mostly! I really didn’t have to alter it too much.

Here’s the process:

She put the dress on inside-out so I could pin the darts closer to her body, eyeball the length and measure about how much to take off, pinch at the button row closure in the back and make a mental note of how much to take it in there.

After helping her in and out of the dress a few times, I realized, “No way am I going to be doing all 35 of these buttons every.single.time.” Luckily, I had a super long zipper on hand!

Once the dress was off and back onto my sewing table, I noticed that there wasn’t enough room under the buttons to install a zipper.

My solution was to button it back up (off of her), then make a cut on the “loops” side. I hand sewed this flap down, connecting it to the buttons, and then hand sewing it along where the zipper was going to be. Now I had enough room for the zipper!

loops pinned to buttons to keep everything lined up.

Unfortunately, the only zipper long enough in my stash was green. But whatever! This is a kids costume that will be worn one year, out grown, and passed along to a friend. Zippers aren’t things that I typically go out a buy. I usually only buy them as I need them. But, Mama found a box filled with zippers at a yard sale in her neighborhood. She knows her baby! Thanks Mama!

An invisible zipper was going to be hard to accomplish with all of these layers of lace and button bulk. Plus also, it isn’t an invisible zipper….just a standard zipper. I used some muslin to install the zipper onto. This gave me some elbow room.

Pro-tip: You can use your quilting ruler to act as a board to help you pin through fabric and not your ironing board (or carpet). I love my Omnigrid.

Zipper installed.

*gasp* What is that I see in the back??? “Crumbs On The Stairs”

After the zipper was installed, I added hooks & eyes to help hide the zipper a bit more.

I should have put the hook facing the other direction…oh well.

35 annoying buttons vs. 1 zipper and 4 hooks & eyes??? I’d say it was a good modification, even if no-one else would know or care. It saved my sanity! For that alone, it was worth it!

Attack those darts to get a good fit!

Ah! Better!

Use your scissors willy nilly style and hack away at the bottom.

Zombie Bride carnage!


The next picture is a practice run at making a fresh flesh wound.

Those are just Q-tips and costume make-up.

Looks mostly head already.

It looks down right nasty, gangrenous, and just plain eww! PERFECT!

Some of the makeup on her hand took too long to dry and it wasn’t too comfortable. She opted out of having this as part of her costume. No worries! Glad I got to try my hand at costume makeup!

Are you ready for the fun part? As much as I enjoy sewing and creating things (ESPECIALLY for my kids), the next part of her costume was my favorite!

Time to make it look like she had been dug up!

We took it out to the driveway and ran it over a few times with the car. That actually didn’t do much of anything!

We needed more dirty, more natural rips and tears.


The looks we got from the neighbors!!! I was too busy laughing to get pictures of their expressions.

This was a good method, but we still wanted more…. I connected it to the car and took it around the block!

We had already ripped off the sleeve.

Yes! that’s better!

Don’t worry! I “washed” it before letting her put it on again. This thing was F-I-L-T-H-Y!

Time to accessorize!

I made a slit-throat-choker with a hot-glue gun, ribbon, and nail polish:

She really wanted one regular leg and one bone-exposed leg. Despite it being Halloween season and making a trip to the costume shop, we couldn’t find a pair of leg-bone leggings. But we did find some plain black ones.

Pinterest to the rescue!

I found some white fabric paint in my crap craft closet, pulled up an image of what a skeleton looks like, and stuffed the inside of the leggings with wadded up newspaper to be about the size of her legs. I painted one side as a leg and the other as a hand. I used the toe seam to act as the glove and clipped where the fingers would come through.

We found some black and purple roses with black branches at the dollar store. We hot-glued some to her dress along with a handful of spiders and leaves.

Not too shabby for a thrift store find!

Happy Halloween!

*Cheers my Dears!*

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