Blast Off!

Ok, let’s look passed the phallic looking rockets and let’s celebrate my first attempt at applique instead! This is a pillow case.

Let me take you back to a simpler time. Before Pinterest and before YouTube. Back when ebay was first coming onto the scene, AOL Instant Messenger was revolutionary, everyone had a hotmail account and MySpace was cooler than Facebook… I’m dating myself! Well, actually, I was dating Hubs!

One evening I saw a sewing show on TV (do you remember when people watched TV shows?). I was intrigued by a segment that showed how to applique using freezer paper. After the show, I knew I had to give it a try! The next day, I picked up my supplies at the fabric store.

*This isn’t the same show, but here is a YouTube video that shows you the same idea if you are interested.*

I still have the applique scissors from way back when:


It is rough a crude, but I enjoyed the applique process so much, I decided to make a matching quilt for it.

I machine pieced the majority of everything and hand quilted the rest. I think I just quilted stars and Saturn shapes. This quilt is a twin bed size.

The top quilt is pretty loose from the backing due to sparse quilted areas. My quilting style has evolved and matured over the years.

I knew I shouldn’t have done it! So let this be a lesson for you. Maybe DON’T use one of your quilts as extra room darkening for your 2 year old’s nap times.

sun bleached

For shame, Shannon! For shaaaaaaaame!

Remember, it’s OK to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them.

With each quilt I make, I try to learn something new. When I realize what it is that quilt has taught me, I write it down and add it to the label when I am finished (or to a journal if the item is a gift). I’m currently working a quilt that has taught me to NEVER buy fabric from a specific craft store. But I’m not going to add that to the label!

Yes! Make sure you have a quilt label. That is something I didn’t start doing until recently, but I wish I had been doing it all along. I especially wish my family heirloom quilt had one. It will after I am finished restoring it! Stay tuned for that one!!!

*sneak peak* But I’m not ready to start it just yet! I have 3 other quilts that I’m practicing different techniques on and still have much to learn before I tackle this 120+ year old antique!

I am BEYOND thrilled to put my stitches right next to my great great grandmother’s!

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