Broken Sewing Gauge

I hardly ever used a sewing gauge before. This has changed recently. So when I pulled out my sewing gauge for a T-shirt cuffs fix, I was disappointed that the plastic slider was too loose to use effectively.

Luckily, I had a spare to use while the loose slide took a needed time out!

Really, this is suck an easy fix and mannequin can do it! Worth a blog post? No. But I had my camera out and was working on a shirt anyway.

I started by popping out the slider.

Once the slider was out, I put it around the tip of a pencil to pry the plastic clamp portion out.

It’s a bat!

It was a super hot day, so I put the piece outside in the sun. Hopefully the heat will make the plastic a little more pliable.

After a while, I brought the piece back inside to cool down while it stayed on the pencil.

After it was cool, I popped it back into the gauge and tested how easily it slid.

It was a success. It didn’t slide on its own anymore.


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